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Choosing to renovate your home is a big decision and can be a huge commitment. Whether you?re doing a small renovation or complete overhaul, check out these helpful tips before you start.

1. Make all decisions before work starts

If you want your home renovation to go well, the best thing to do is make every single decision before work starts. Even what may seem like small decisions, like selection of paint and door handles can slow down a project if not decided upon, before the build starts.

2. Don?t change your mind

Or if you do, remember that it will have an impact, so minimise the effect of a change of mind by ensuring all people on the job are informed so they can review their schedules.

3. Know the rules and regs

If you are carrying out a home extension or plan to knock down any walls, there are three important aspects to know about before you get the sledge hammer out - planning permission, building regulations and party walls. Make sure you get all the necessary approvals before you start.

4. Don't work without a design

Most projects require an architect and/or an interior designer. Whatever you do, don?t start a home renovation project or home extension without a detailed floor plan.

5. Look at what suits your house

Will an ultra modern kitchen in a Victorian brownstone work? Absolutely, but make sure you can pull it off. There are no hard and fast rules ? just get to know your house, live in it and do your research before you pull out the sledgehammer.

6. Have a contingency fund

If you find out that the work you wanted to do costs more than you expected or budgeted, you?re not alone. Rarely does a person set a realistic budget for a project. But if you start the project having made all the decisions first, you should be able to keep the contingency fund down to 5% of the project value. So for example, on a £20k project, that?s a £1k contingency.

7. Stage your project

Think about staging the work being done to minimize the initial financial impact. It is often easier to create a more manageable budget by starting small and adding to the project at a later date. This will break the work into several jobs instead of one large project.

8. Don't compromise on quality

Make your decisions based on value and quality, not just price. And keep up the same standards on all decisions. It's tempting as you get towards the end of the planning stage to simply opt for the standard or most commonly used product, say a standard bath instead of that roll top bath you've always dreamed off. We know many people dream of bi-fold doors on their home extension and why not, they look fabulous, let in lots of light and open up a room into a garden. It's worth trying to find a bit extra or cutting back in other areas for those things that will make you say 'wow'!

9. Never work with animals and children

You know that saying about animals and children, well that applies to home renovations too. Although builders will try to work around them, it?s easier for everyone if they don?t have to.

10. Have somewhere to escape to

The ideal scenario is to live somewhere else whilst the home renovation is underway. But, most people need to remain in their home. Try to stay elsewhere with friends, family or in a B&B if you can for all or part of the renovation or at ensure you have a clean, comfortable place to retreat to within the home. Its a bit easier with a home extension where not all of the property is being affected, the trick is to have as much of your furnishings in storage and tape up doors or 'clean' rooms to keep them that way.

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