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An office fit out is a big project involving space planning, installation of meeting rooms, break out areas, partitioning, IT equipment, lighting, branding and office furniture.

If it?s a Category A fit-out it may also include raising floors, suspended ceilings and major mechanical and electrical services.

There are many factors which have an influence on the cost, just like anything else; there is a price range on each of the individual items listed above so the level of spec influences cost as do practical considerations such as location of toilets, lifts and power supply.

It is possible to find some office fit out estimates and calculators on-line but we would encourage these to be treated with caution. More often than not, the cost stated will be much less than the actual cost. It?s far better to know all your costs up front and budget accordingly.

To find out how much an office fit out costs, have a face to face meeting, preferably on site, with an office fit out contractor. They will be able to review your plans if you have them and ask the right questions to ascertain your exact requirements.

At Trevor Blake, we offer a free consultation during which we advise not only on budget but also on your layout sketch, giving you useful feedback early on during the process and enabling you to make any adjustments to your plan before work starts.