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1. Does the building have cycle storage and showering facilities?

Being able to cycle to work is a real plus point for many people and the provision of these facilities contributes to a BREEAM rating, the UK?s leading method of reviewing and improving the environmental performance of office buildings.

2. Room with a view?

As highlighted in our recent article, What workers want - natural light and homely furniture, the Human Spaces study found that what mattered most to office workers was natural light so take time to consider natural light and the views from the building as these both impact on employee well-being and productivity.

3. Your round?

Take a walk around the local area. Are there places to grab some lunch? Are there suitable places to take a client for a coffee or have team drinks after work? Think about how long it will take to travel to and from local shops and cafes and whether there are healthy food options available. A good gym nearby is another plus point for many job-seekers too so if you want to attract the best talent, you need to consider these added-value elements that you can offer as an employee.

4. Arghh! Delayed again.

Selecting somewhere a few miles from your house may be really convenient for you but not so much so for your staff. Step into their shoes and consider their commute. Although a commute is unavoidable a lot of the time, especially in London, re-locating next to trainline famous for its delays and cancellations or due planned engineering works is not a wise move.

5. Think global

Or at least as far as your clients are located. How will the journey be for them when they are travelling to your office? Is the building near major roads or railways? Will they need to get a taxi from the nearest station? Who will pick up the tab? Also consider the travel times for your sales team. Will the office move create shorter or longer travelling times for them?

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