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Did you know that in just 4 years, half the workers will be millennials, (currently aged 21-34)?

Whilst many of us realise that the millennials have grown up in a world we wouldn't have even recognised when the Generation X tots were bopping around to Depeche Mode and Queen, very few company bosses and senior management are truly considering how to ensure their workplace is one which will attract and retain the very best millennial talent.

The office of the future is here and now so here's our quick guide to what your office design needs to look like to appeal to the hard-working millennials:

Collaborative spaces

Millennials have grown up sharing and collaborating online and this ethos applies to the workplace too. Gone are the days of managers being hidden away in separate offices. Today's workplaces adopt a flat organisational structure without hierarchical boundaries, where people work as a team in a culture which is open and honest.

Flexible workspace

The rise of digital media and advancements in technology mean that increasingly, people are working around the clock and on the move. Make your office design flexible with mobile and touchdown desks, wireless workstations, moveable partitions, hot-desking and by giving employees the option to work from home.

The warm & fuzzy feeling of home

Make the workplace comfortable and inviting and people won't want to leave. Creating a home from home feeling will get a few extra hours out of people but most importantly you'll have a happy and motivated workforce. This concept is not new, it's just different. It used to be family photos, plant pots and knicknacs that brought that homely feeling to a desk whereas its now about comfy chairs, chill-out areas and games rooms that give the workplace that cosy feeling.

Add some cool, fun features

Push the boundaries and add something extraordinary, whether it's natural light courtyards, a fitness centre or chill out room complete with herbal teas, bean bags and meditation audios, there's hundreds of ways to add some wow factor to your workplace. This trend may have started with big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Zappos, but other companies are following suit with their office design to remain competitive in attracting millennial talent.

This new generation of workers are driving us to challenge and change the way we think about workspace. For a free consultation on how to create a workplace design that inspires collaboration, contact us today on 01293 775509.