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Survey reveals office design to be key to business success

Capital One recently conducted a Work Environment Survey that showed that flexibility and office design are significant factors when it comes to innovation, collaboration and productivity....

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Office furniture - 3 of the best from Clerkenwell Design Week

Atom by Boss Design British office furniture brand, Boss Design is catering for architects tasked with designing for traditional and a variety...

Agile workplace design

Agile workplace design

Big changes are happening in offices all across the UK and it's called the Agile Workplace. Do you have a happy and productive working environment?...

Churn management refurbishment out of hours

Churn management (occupied space refurbishment)

Large companies or those in highly dynamic sectors, still have the requirement to change the space they occupy. This is known as churn management. ...

Bringing the outside in, biophilic design

Bringing the outside in

Companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon are investing heavily in biophilic design elements and reporting improvements in worker concentration and cognitive ability so what exactly is biophilic design? ...

Thinking of updating your office interior in 2018?

Thinking of updating your office interior in 2018?

It's been proven that morale and productivity suffer in an uninspiring environment, so a change of scenery could be just what everyone needs. We explain how to transform an office in 3 easy steps....

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Open plan office design is a cause of workplace stress

According to the Workplace Happiness Report from Office Genie, office design factors are impacting on employee happiness and resulting in workplace...

What is a fit out?

What is a fit out?

There are many terms used when talking about a fit-out which can be confusing for those not involved in the commercial fit-out sector. Fit...

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HSE Staff Welfare guide

If you employ anyone (however short the period) you must ?so far as is reasonably practicable?, provide adequate and appropriate welfare facilities for them while they are at work. The HSE guide provides practical advice on how to meet the requirements....

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