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Churn and change

No office environment stays the same for long, especially those that need to be more agile to suit market conditions. Churn management is essentially adapting the business to meet those changes....

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Have you adopted the business lounge layout yet?

We spotted an interesting article in the news this morning about workplace productivity which talks about the pleasures of collaborative working and workplace design, but the rate of adoption is still slow....

Crayola colour in office design

Office Design and Crayola colour - good for business?

Interior colour design or ?visual ergonomics?, has become an important consideration in workplace design. Appropriate use of colour can not only maximise productivity levels, but it can also stimulate collaboration, creativity and co-operation....

home from home at work

What workers want - natural light and homely furniture

Bringing the 'outside in' continues to dominate current workplace design trends whilst creating a 'home from home' feel to the office is a newer development in the workplace....

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Why trust us with your office fit out?

Our clients tell us there are many reasons why they trusted us with their office fit. We've put together those that we believe are our top five....

sit and stand desk

The healthier way to work - height adjustable sit/stand desks

Many of us know how we should sit at our desks, with straight backs and knees at a 45 degree angle most of us but rarely do it. Is it time we re-adjusted working practices and adopted sit/stand desks?...

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Three ways to improve your workplace reception design

The reception area is where your company welcomes its clients, potential customers, prospective employees, investors and suppliers. It's essential that your office reception design reflects how you want each and every visitor to perceive you....

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Moving office: How much space do you really need?

Involve your office fit out contractor early on to avoid costly mistakes!...

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Will your workplace hold you back in 2015?

As the economy continues to improve and business confidence is higher than its been since the recession, is your business ready for expansion?...