Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing office solutions

To get your workforce back into the office environment safely, in line with social distancing requirements, and with COVID-19 safety considerations in place, we have developed a range of products and services to support you with this next phase of returning to work and the ‘new normal’.

If you need advice or would like to discuss your office social distancing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Social distancing office layout

social distancing for covid 19 office layout

One-way corridors, hand-washing sinks, buffer zones around desks, and clear plastic desk screens to guard against colleagues’ coughs and sneezes all form part of a new office design for social distancing.

As part of our COVID-19 workplace assessment, a survey will be conducted and a space plan can be provided outlining changes required to the layout, to support social distancing and the health of the whole office.

COVID-19 Office Screens

Acrylic desk screen dividers can be an effective solution for protecting your employees and ensuring social distancing measures in your office. They are supplied as clear or coloured and can be retro fitted to existing desks and fixed on top of existing desk screens.

covid office screens


Social Distancing Office flooring

social distancing covid office flooring

We have a range of social distancing flooring solutions to suit all requirements. From stickers and social distancing tape to floor mats and carpet tiles. All solutions ensure the workforce is reminded of their responsibility to stay alert.

Call us on 01293 775 509 or email to discuss your office social distancing requirements.

COVID-19 signage

A range of information and safety signs are available to keep your workforce and visitors safe.

2 metre apart stickers for office social distancing

2m social distance stickers in office reception

Touchless office

With the coronavirus in mind and with the health and safety of the office being paramount, creating an environment with fewer door touch-points, lift panels, and sign-in iPads is a good way to minimise those contact areas.

A contaminated doorknob can infect half an office in just a few hours. We can install hands-free door openings, PIR motion-sensor light switches and for a more permanent solution, touch free door panel installation.

non touch door opener

Hand hygiene

hand sanitiser for covid office

Hand sanitising stations and sinks provide convenient hand-washing and sanitation and can be supplied free-standing or wall-mounted.

Touch-free washroom

Automatic towel dispensers and touch-free doors, infrared sensor taps and soap dispensers with sensor-flush toilets will all help to minimise the spread of infection in washrooms. 

touch free washbasin

Call us on 01293 775 509 or email to discuss your office social distancing requirements.

Last project - Civil Aviation Authority

Covid 19 screens at civil aviation authority desk

covid 19 screen on a desk shielding an employee

These COVID 19 protective screens were fitted for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to protect their security guards on the reception desk. These screens can be moved and positioned to suit any situation and also used as a desktop screen.

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