Finding an office space that?s right for your business can be a daunting task. There?s the question of where, how you will move, how it may affect employees, selecting the right agent, negotiating the most attractive lease terms and the list goes on. But with careful planning, sound advice and an organised project leader, your office relocation could be the best move you make.

Choose a project leader to coordinate the office relocation

This person needs strong skills in multi-tasking, project management, communication and organisation. They must have experience of budgeting, have decision making authority and know all areas of the business really well. It?s key that the project leader involves others and delegates tasks where appropriate.

Office relocation - First stage checklist:

  • Define the requirements for the new premises
  • Select a commercial property agent
  • Visit potential commercial properties
  • Create a basic timeline for the move
  • Let all employees know about the move
  • Set the date of the move
  • Locate and obtain the new property
  • Select an office refurbishment and fit out partner
  • Create a detailed budget of all costs
  • Arrange insurance before work begins on new premises

Space planning is one of the most exciting phases of office moves. This is your opportunity to work with your refurbishment partner to change all those space issues you?ve put up with at your current office and create something new and inspiring. A good space planner will keep your plan flexible and consider your short and long term requirements, create layouts that enable your staff to work more effectively and utilise 3D drawings to bring your new layout to life.

Office relocation -Second stage checklist:

  • Hire a removals company
  • Order new signage for the business exterior
  • Order new stationary and marketing material with new office address
  • Inform all stakeholders such as accountants and tax advisors of new address
  • Contact clients and let them know of the upcoming move
  • Talk to your IT providers and organise your IT requirements
  • Donate any unwanted items, such as computers and furniture to charity
  • Set up utilities for the new business location
  • Arrange for future cancellation of your current utilities
  • Order new furniture
  • Start organising documents and office furniture for the move

As it gets closer to your move, you?ll be busy backing up computers, sorting out filing and storage, packing and informing staff of the details of the move. When moving day arrives, it?s important to have key staff on site only and clear signage in the new office to help your removal men put everything in the right area.

Time to pop open the champagne and celebrate the next exciting phase of your business?s development.

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