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Charterhouse 14
Charterhouse 14

Meeting Your Educational Needs, Exceeding Your outcomes

Our teams are able to work around term time restrictions, to deadlines and within the parameters of your brief and budgetary options. As experts within interior fit out and refurbishment we carry work out as a main contractor to ensure, continuity and ease for all of our clients, as a point of contact for on and offsite communication.

We provide highly skilled teams to produce works such as, but not limited to, for educational projects: carpentry, ceilings, washrooms, kitchens, mechanical, electrical, flooring, decorations, design and furniture. Working within common rooms, boarding houses, classrooms, canteens, study spaces and everything in-between.


Whether you’re looking at study pods, new student house areas, updating and refurbishing to reflect the spectrum of opportunities you offer to provide functional facilities, durable and accessible to every pupil, student and colleague, to promote welcoming and practical surroundings, we can convert tired and old spaces into refreshed, usable and versatile educational areas, building opportunity for everyone.



Influencing Impactful and Diverse Spaces for Everyone

We understand the importance of crafting spaces for your cohort and professionals, knowing that it’s more than the curriculum and the buildings themselves, it’s about the people within them and visiting them. That’s why we work closely with our clients to be able to immerse ourselves as an extension of your offering to be able to build positive impact in every environment we work within. Influencing every space for everyone.

The details are what we pride ourselves on, taking the time to get to know the essence of what your educational setting offers and needs to continue to offer its staff and pupils, providing a breadth and depth of knowledge alongside the backdrop that our 25 years of experience extends to us.



Beyond the Life Cycle of the Classroom

What you teach may change but the working style of those within the classroom will be diverse and individual. We understand the diverse nature of your students and design spaces to not only fulfil the legal requirements but that also consider what each person needs and wants in order to flourish, as an individual, within their learning environment.

Our acoustic furniture options can be bespoke and tailored for all of the users of your spaces, offering zones of direction, areas to match learning processes, quiet nooks and sections to promote focused working, shared desks for inspired and collaborative study using relaxing, varied, coloured, branded and lasting finishing choices.


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Interactive area Eastbourne Museum Complete Works
Interactive area Eastbourne Museum Complete Works

Driving Transformation with Educational Refurbishments

We offer complimentary audits and zero obligation quotes that can tailor to a range of solutions to match your brief requirements. Our fully trained staff can provide professional insight, deliver projects within your timeframe, all of which can be agreed in advanced and monitored throughout project works to exceed your expectations. Delivering for your people, place and community.

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If you are relocating, refurbishing, expanding or consolidating, re-branding or simply refreshing, we can work with you to create the right workplace for you and your people. Give us a call or drop us a line via the form to see how we can help with your project.

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