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Do you need to carry out office dilapidations and dilapidation work repairs according to your lease?

Do you want to undertake a commercial refurbishment but are concerned about breaching the terms of your lease?

Trevor Blake Fit Out (TB Fit Out) can act for and on your behalf for all of your office dilapidation services and dilapidations works whether you are a landlord or a tenant. We will review the works you intend to carry out and ensure that they comply.

Our fully-managed office dilapidations services includes:

  • Liaising with the landlord/tenant or their appointed agents.
  • Detailed premises surveys, room-by-room.
  • Managing the application for consent where appropriate.
  • Undertaking all building and refurbishment services either for works required, or in respect of any claim of dilapidation from the landlord to bring the building back up to standard.
Dilapidation works

What Does Office Dilapidation and Dilapidation Works Mean?

Dilapidation works is where a tenant’s building lease is coming to the end of its term and where a tenant is required by law to make ‘reparations,’ i.e. to return the property back to its original state prior to any company refurbishments or office fit outs. Essentially ‘making good’ as per the schedule of dilapidations to reinstate said property back to its initial, pre-altered form, before the end of the tenancy lease period.

It’s always important to be aware of your lease agreement obligations. Failure to comply with dilapidation agreements can place you in breach of your contractual obligations.

You can view our articles for landlords on office dilapidations here for your commercial properties, how to avoid getting stung by rising dilapidation costs here and how to reduce the cost of spiralling dilapidation costs here. For all of our case studies you can take a look here.

Dilapidation works 2
Dilapidation works 2

Common Office Dilapidation Works

Scheduled works that are usually included within dilapidation projects are:

  • To strip out anything added since the company took on the lease.
  • To strip out any partition walls.
  • To strip out suspended ceilings or just to install new ceiling tiles. 
  • To replace floor coverings.
  • To strip out any additional power and data sockets cables installed.
  • To strip out any additional lights installed.
  • To strip out any kitchenettes installed.
  • To redecorate the building.

How are dilapidation costs calculated?

Dilapidation costs are calculated based on the cost of repairs and reinstatement works that a company should have completed, plus, any loss of rent for the period then needed to carry out and complete said works.

What dilapidation keywords and technical terms are often used and how to understand them?

Many office dilapidation keywords can be used frequently, where you'll see dilapidation works content with words such as: 

  • Commercial reparations: repair work to reinstate a workspace
  • Dilapidations works: looking at commercial tenancy agreements and deciding on what you are legally obliged to carry out as per your tenancy contract or as a landlord what you'll be expecting/negotiating with your tenants to prepare your commercial business space for the next business tenant.
  • Schedule of dilapidations:

A document prepared by landlords (or their surveyor) that lists the legal reinstatement & repair compliance required along with any decorative works to the leased property that may suggest remedial works and, in some instances, can suggest estimated costs of such remedial works.

You'll also potentially discover words such as: A Scotts Schedule, a Quantified Demand, Dilapidations Protocol and Serving a Schedule of Dilapidations. We detail the meaning of them in our article here.

Hire Professional Experts for Your Office Dilapidation Works


Hiring professional experts to assist in preparing your property for lease for your next business tenant can be an onerous task to undertake, which is why as dilapidation experts we assist landlords & tenants in presenting attractive lease hires for businesses, companies, organisations and brands to a competitive, high standard, as well as offering services for any remedial works on commercial properties too.

Want further advice?

Get in Touch for all of your commercial dilapidations, educational & insurance damage/ office reinstatement refurbishment needs, you can reach out and contact us at Trevor Blake Fit Out (TB Fit Out) by sending us an email here or by calling us directly on 01293 775509.