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Experienced fit out and refurbishment specialists

As an experienced fit out and refurbishment specialists within the construction industry, with over 25 years of expertise we also cover property and commercial property water damage restoration service works for office rectification and office reinstatement insurance damage project works.

We work with business owners, landlords, leaseholders and with insurance companies as a preferred contractor to manage overall projects/teams.

Our goal is to organise and undertake a water damage restoration service and office reinstatement process that returns a property to its former state prior to any damage, considering risk assessment, rebuild/office reinstatement costs, project works to be carried out in full and teams to be assigned/instructed whilst considering the prevention of any further damage and allowing for a contingency to highlight any possible hidden damage.


What Commercial Damage Insurance Projects Do We Cover?

We cover both internal commercial, educational and organisational damage rectification and property reinstatement project works. This could be anything from a workspace where water has leaked over the weekend due to burst or damaged pipes or where water has damaged office kitchens and breakout zones that need to be restored along with internal fire damage reparations.

What Areas of Insurance Claim Repairs & Maintenance Do Trevor Blake/TB Fit Out Cover?

We work across the South East and predominantly cover all areas within, London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Weather Damage Restoration Service and Office Reinstatement Insurance Reparation Works

Whether it be commercial or industry specific rectification and reinstatement insurance works, at Trevor Blake Fit Out (TB Fit Out) we pride ourselves on our professional, highly skilled, expert teams who approach each project and client with the utmost respect and with a vision to replace and restore damaged property/buildings to their previous state prior to any damage be it through fire, flooding, dilapidations and additional reparation works.

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‘New for Old’ Office Reinstatement Repairs

This looks at the repair or reinstatement of a property/building to restore it the same standard and condition as it was prior to the loss/damage occurring.

The sum of repair should include full costs of complete replacement on a ‘new for old’ basis. So, the reinstatement is the equivalent of the room, kitchen, bathroom, roofing, carpentry, walls and ceiling for example as before but not better than, but more equal to its prior condition within the sum insured parameters and including wear & tear, clearance, stripping out, materials & labour costs which as a contractor we would assess & communicate all works required/needed prior to any remedial works being carried out.

Ensuring your property insurance sum costs are up-to-date is advisable to realise the reinstatement value remains accurate. Which in some cases can fall at a higher cost than the market value when you take into account all costings include material and labour.

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“In the 10 years that we’ve worked with Trevor Blake Fit Out we’ve amassed a multitude of projects at our current and previous premises, encompassing: a full office fit out, alterations to our current partitioning, dilapidation of our previous premises and electrical works which included lighting alterations. They have also supplied us with collaborative furniture and monitor arms with cable management to all of our existing work stations which allowed more of a clean desk policy.

Their help enabled us to create flexible zones that enhanced our work flow processes and made our working areas places that our staff could thrive within, where they can work in a way that suits them and a space where they can be comfortable and productive within.

Choosing to work with TBFO is always an easy choice with their expertise, professionalism and guided solutions to make our workspaces the best it can be for everyone within it and whom we welcome into it.”

Nick Ridgway, First Central, Facilities Manager

What Water Damage Restoration Services & Office Reinstatement Works Do You Cover?

Whatever the nature or extent of the damage to your commercial property/ office space, we will carry out a building/property inspection prior to any schedule of works being confirmed or carried out to assess what is required and how it will need to be rectified.

Whether it’s a stacked pipe that’s the origin cause of damage due to escaped water therefore causing heavy flooding that’s created damage to the ceiling, walls, door frames and bathroom facilities from private residence through to commercial property use, we can rectify your requirements be it:

Groundworks, plastering of walls, tiling, boarding up, making safe gas, electrics and other utilities, plumbing, heating & mechanical works, replacement of facilities such as:

Bathrooms/bedrooms/ office areas, kitchenettes and break out zones, walls/units, doors/door frames, carpentry to reinstatement of walls and tiles, lighting & electrics, full decorative works, flooring/carpet/vinyl/hard flooring through to more extensive repair works.

At Trevor Blake Fit Out our team of professional experts can guide you through any managed project works that also include drying programme timings, prevention & reduction of additional damage and working to a schedule to best suit all involved parties/budgets.

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Areas for consideration could be covered under:

  • Damage rectification including stripping out/clearing works
  • Property insurance claim repairs including making safe gas, electric & other utilities
  • Commercial insurance claim repairs and commercial fit outs/dilapidation works
  • Water damage repairs/extensive water ingress repairs/saturated repairs
  • Planned maintenance, repairs and installations
  • And property renovations/ commercial fit outs/workspace refurbishments.

As commercial damage/ office reinstatement works providers, we understand the impact of inconvenience to our clients and always ensure we fulfil our contractual obligations to the highest of standards & expectations: with timely, meticulously planned, reinstatement budgetary/calculated costs and full brief obligations having being met and agreed in advance to offer reassurance prior to any project works commencing.  

What to Expect with Our Expert Reinstatement Works

We are a considerate, fully insured and safe contractor who will work closely with your teams and the insurance provider. We work as a claim handler and will always carry out our own assessment along with projected and expected works to cost out our services which includes labour and materials.

We work directly with supply chain manager’s, chartered surveyors, architects, developers, facilities managers, property landlords and all commercial clients. We have worked on many projects with prestigious clients within varying fields such as: retail, hospitality, banking, manufacturing & pharmaceuticals, as well as schools and colleges across, London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent & the South East.

Take a look at our latest water damage reparation works and reinstatement works article here. See what others our saying about us here and you can view our projects here, including reinstatement works on a recent property, which you can view here, further articles here and see a snapshot of the clients we have worked with here.

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Want further advice?

 For all of your commercial, educational & insurance damage/ office reinstatement refurbishment needs, you can reach out and contact us at Trevor Blake Fit Out (TB Fit Out) by sending us an email here or by calling us directly on 01293 775509.