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Our Fully-Managed Office Fit Out Services Include:


  • Cat A fit out: usually concerning works for commercial developers\landlords and how they intend to lease the inside of a building to their tenant.
  • Cat B fit out: carried out within internal parts of a building for commercial tenants based around the business and brand requirements as well as any developer stipulations.
  • Workplace appraisal/audit: of current area or area to be fitted out to formulate a working brief, quote and recommendations for project works.
  • Space planning to maximise your office area, capturing every ounce of square footage with AutoCAD and SketchUp designs as well as the capacity to source 3D rendered visuals
  • Agile office fit out designs to compliment the needs of your people and organisational requirements
  • Building works and suspended ceilings
  • Mechanical and Electrical works: cooling, air conditioning, extraction and ventilation
  • High-tech refits: communication and data centres, computer suites and technology-based needs to suits your industry and niche.
  • Partitioning: Glass and solid options alongside tailored solutions such as opaque, transparent and branding personalisation.
  • Decorating and interior design to align with your all other aspects of your fit out which can be project managed and offered through turnkey services to match your preferences and focused towards your project goals.



Project Managed Fit Outs Designed for Your People


As highly experienced office fit out contractors, we will work with you to guide you through the process, making it as hassle-free as and enabling you to focus on your day to day operations.

Benefit from our 4D framework to a successful office fit out:

  • Discover what you need: Do you need informal meeting, brief development, shortlisted building assessment, initial block planning and space analysis, technical brief, a communication’s strategy and deciding on the responsibilities of the space and of those who will be within it?
  • Develop your requirements: for office design, space planning, initial specification and budget, project programme and risk assessment, furniture and storage review, communication and presentation
  • Decide on the deliverables: Landlord and statutory approvals, H&S compliance, detailed design, IT and technical co-ordination, detailed specifications and cost planning, plus, contractual security
  • Delivery that’s supported: Reliable hands-on project delivery, site management, works implementation, financial controls, risk management, acoustic office furniture installation, relocation management, quality control and handover, as well as our ongoing support.


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CAT A Fit Out Designs Made for Your People

Although there is no standard definition for a category A fit out and it can vary from developer to developer, most often, it is describing the level of fit out provided by the developer to the landlord.

Typically, a Cat A fit out includes:

  • Raised floors and suspended ceilings
  • Basic mechanical and electrical services
  • Fire detection and protection services
  • Internal surface finishes
  • And blinds.

Developers can often also make a contribution to the tenant for the carpets, floor boxes and grommets as well, which are then installed as part of the tenant’s category B fit-out, rather than installing them during the category A works, as they are subject to damage and may not complement the tenants colour scheme.

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Personalising Your Cat B Fit Out

The most familial fit out within the commercial fit out space, category B fit out (CAT B), is conducted within a space where the external walls and basic flooring, ceilings, M&E services, shared toilets and lifts have already been installed. It's like moving into a house and then installing your choice of flooring, lighting and decoration to make it your own personal space.

Typically, a Cat B fit out includes:

  • Partitioning
  • Finishing and branding
  • Carpeting
  • Meeting rooms, conference rooms and break-out rooms.
  • Reception areas
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen facilities
  • IT and audio-visual equipment
  • And acoustic office furniture.

We carry out both Cat A fit-outs and Cat B fit-outs and where a company is required to bring an office back to its Cat A condition for handover to the landlord –– we provide a dilapidations service which typically involves the stripping out of partitioning, flooring, decorating and furniture.

Acoustif Blog
Acoustif Blog

Reimagining Your Workspaces with Agile Office Designs

As our offices and workspaces continue to evolve and our expectations of them we are consistently reimagining the way we work and interact within a space.

Although large scale remote working has been successfully implemented, team workspaces are still an important place for idea generation, creative collaboration and greater innovation.

Flexible office design solutions enhance the experience of our working environment and bring forward new ways of working to represent and transform your workplace into something more agile.

Agile Office Fit Out Designs offer:

1) Reduced opportunity to distractions with personal workspace booths for soundproof and private working zones even in collaborative and open office environments.

2) Privacy hubs and the ability to accommodate the diverse nature of your workforce and tailor towards different ways of working.

3) Maximise your workspace capacity with collaborative office design solutions for flexible and open workspaces to encourage interactions and innovative approaches.

4) Definition between zones, processes and teams with clever storage solutions and multipurpose, reconfigurable workspaces.

5) Tailored additional storage and adaptive solutions with examples such as magnetic whiteboards, planter boxes, storage lockers to enhance and segment workspaces.

6) Fully flexible environments which can incorporate mobile working walls combining feature and functionality.

Successful Office Fit Out Services, Partnerships and Alliances

We believe that quality of work and service shouldn’t ever be compromised when it comes to your office fit out. We have excellent relationships with our commercial suppliers resulting in competitive prices for items such as partitioning, M&E supplies and acoustic office furniture. Enabling us to offer our clients long-term and trusted partnerships, sustainable services, considering the life cycle of the products we use and the impact on the environments we create for your people.


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