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Expert Office Design Teams Throughout the Development Process and Beyond


  • Developing an office design strategy for your short and long-term space requirements.
  • Using feasibility and departmental mapping, where we can help you to plan your office move more effectively.
  • Creating layouts that reinforce your visual brand values.

Inspire Staff and Engage Clients

Great office design will inspire your employees and encourage wellbeing and focus. It's also in the attention to detail which helps an organisation stand out, capturing the interest of your visitors whilst reinforcing the principles of how your brand, business or educational facility operates. 

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Office Designed for Success

We take pride in working closely with the people who use our services, developing a relationship of trust. We understand that it can be difficult to articulate what it is that you need and that is why we are here to help and guide you to that point. 

For us, it’s never about ticking off another project. It’s about providing design creativity which supports the unique long-term needs of your workplace and teams. 

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Negotiating the Best Office Space for You

If you are looking to undertake a relocation, we offer a range of services in the early stages to help you compare, evaluate and negotiate office space to ensure it is right for your business.

  • Building Appraisal: Comprehensive building appraisals on shortlisted properties, advising on the building's fitness for purpose for your business needs. Providing you with an early indication of the likely cost of the fit-out.
  • Space Planning Shortlisted Buildings: “Test Fit” drawings to showcase whether the shortlisted offices work for you. This includes growth plans to ensure the space allows for increasing staff numbers and operations.
  • Headline Budget Costs: in order for you to build an accurate budget for the fit-out of the space and to help you with negotiating your lease.
  • Surveys and Validations: Highlighting the importance of regulation and work commitments. These surveys include electrical and mechanical systems and also environmental issues such as asbestos and contamination.

Designs With A Forward Focused Space Planning Approach

There are many advantageous benefits to space planning mainly because it looks to utilise a whole space but also because it benefits your workforce, the efficiency and satisfaction of your employees, the wellbeing of your people and it enables you as a business to forward plan for growth whilst adapting and accommodating for hybrid, agile and flexible working styles. 

Space planning is a forward focused approach that utilises software to map out the best use for your organisational working areas and zones.

Our smart space planning options assist you to:

  • Develop a strategy for your short and long-term space requirements.
  • Create layouts that reinforce your visual brand and your brand values.
  • Enable your team to work and communicate more effectively and productively, taking into account their wellbeing and the diverse nature of your teams.
  • Craft 2D and 3D drawings where we are able to guide you through the process, helping you create the best working environment for your business.
  • Our aim is to offer innovative solutions that are practical, impactful and consider the needs, wants and working styles of your people whilst maximising your available space.

In house we offer our clients 2D AutoCAD floor plans and SketchUp office designs along with video walkthroughs with the added capacity to source 3D rendered visuals and walkthroughs.

2D AutoCAD software (an Autodesk brand) for space planning can show what can be achieved in any space available. SketchUp offers you more of an idea of what the space would actually look like from a person’s point of view and 3D rendered visuals and walkthroughs have a high-level photo quality of images which present what the space could look like.



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3D TBFO Site 24
3D TBFO Site 24

More than Visualisation of the Finished Project

Our comprehensive 3D visualisations show you precisely how your new office will look and enables you to create the best working environment for your business. 3D drawings provide comprehensive CAD visualisations that show every detail from; office partitioning, office furniture, carpeting, right through to small details such as pot plants and people.

By using 3D drawings and photo realistic colour renders you can see what space you will have and what the outcome will be. Giving you a true to life impression at a stage in the project when changes are easy to make. Allowing you time to revise plans and make amendments to fit your commercial office/workspace design brief. It also allows others who may not directly be involved in the refurbishment to see the end result and to feel invested in the progress and outcomes. 

The use of 3D visualisation enables:

  • The elimination of doubt surrounding any aspects of your design.
  • Visualisation of the office/workable space before completion with a full 3D walk-through.
  • The ability to engage, excite and consult your personnel with visual previews.
  • To see how the brands identity can be translated into the overall design.
  • You to compliment the space planning process.

Contact us

If you are relocating, refurbishing, expanding or consolidating, re-branding or simply refreshing, we can work with you to create the right workplace for you and your people. Give us a call or drop us a line via the form to see how we can help with your project.

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