Partitioning is often central to most Office fit out projects. It is used to divide work areas, create space efficiency & improve employee performance by reducing noise levels in an open plan office.

In today's climate, businesses change and evolve much more frequently, scaling up or down as market conditions demand. Partitioning systems allow companies to adapt their workplace accordingly and in a way that is less disruptive and more cost effective than more permanent structural changes.

There is now a huge choice of office partitioning systems available, they can be single or double glazed, with or without frosting or glazing and can be used with or without blinds. In terms of configurations, they can be configured to suit any office.

Manifestation frosting

The frosting or glazing can be added to any section to offer privacy, to reinforce corporate branding or for aesthetic appeal. Generally you can choose from no glazing, full height glazing, half height, glazed to below or above door or glazed to the sidelight.

Taxable benefits for re-locatable partitioning

A case in 1958, involving shipping agents in Hull, set the precedent for the tax treatment businesses enjoy today on re-locatable partitioning. Having initially been denied any tax relief for its expenditure on partitioning, John Good and Sons had the decision overturned at the Court of Appeal. The original inspector's view was that the partitioning was part of the building and therefore did not attract any tax allowances. The shipping agents argued that they had instructed the architects to ensure that the interior of its new premises was flexible enough to allow for changing business requirements. Consequently the partitioning chosen employed hardboard sheeting inserted into metal ribs screwed to the floor and ceilings. As such, the partitioning was relatively easy to relocate.

It was concluded that partitions intended to be movable to meet the differing future needs of a business, were plant and Tax allowances were therefore due.

At Trevor Blake Fit Out, we often use the Komfort range of office partitioning. Komfort is the UK's market leader in the design and manufacture of commercial glazed and solid partitioning, with 13 partitioning systems in their range they have systems to suit every style of office, whether contemporary or traditional.

Our design and installation teams specialise in the complete design and installation of all types of office partitioning. Contact us for more information or a no obligation quote on 01293 775 509.