As office refurbishment and fit-out experts, we constantly advise workplaces on how to ensure they comply with current building standards, fire prevention, health and safety, disabled access and equal opportunities legislation.

Why not spend a few moments to run through this health and Safety checklist to see how your workplace measures up.

Health & Safety checklist

Trailing wires

This is such a common problem, but one which can be easily rectified. Standards require that all wires should be secured out of the way to ensure no-one can trip over them or accidentally pull them out of the equipment, but as many businesses grow their workplace doesn't adapt with them, resulting in messy and unsafe cabling. This is where a professional office refurbishment company can really add value, we don't have a crystal ball, but we've refurbished hundreds of offices over the years to know how to put in place a flexible workplace.

Fire risks

A few Do?s and Don?ts:

  • Don?t overload electrical sockets because they can overheat.
  • Do test electrical equipment at least once a year.
  • Do have fire extinguishers available.
  • Do make sure fire exits are clearly signed and free of any clutter.

Most professional office refurbishment and fit-out companies will be able to provide maintenance services.

Around desks

There should be adequate space around desks so that people can move without banging into furniture.

Bags and coats should be stored out of the way so people cannot trip over them.

Desks should be strong enough to support computers and equipment.

Heating and ventilation

Is the temperature 'reasonable'? An acceptable is between 13°C and 30°C with cooler temperatures needed if more strenuous work is taking place. For example, an office temperature should be at least 16°C.

Thermometers should be provided so the temperature can be measured.

Do you have adequate ventilation? The air supply rate for the workplace should not fall below five to eight litres per second, per occupant. Any ventilation system should remove and dilute warm humid air and provide air movement to create a sense of freshness without causing a draught. Mechanical ventilation systems should be regularly maintained.

Food and drink

Drinks should not be consumed at the desk near the computer as spillages could result in a shorting of electrical components.

Crumbs in and around the keyboard are un-hygienic and could encourage vermin.

Crumbs lodged around keys on the keyboard can make keys difficult to press.

If meeting current health and safety standards is high on your list of things to do in the New Year, give us a call on 01293 775509. Our commercial refurbishment team includes specialists in electrical inspections, ventilation assessments, heating maintenance, office layout and space planning.

As part of our free, no obligation assessment, we can advise you on ways in which we can help to make your workplace safe and risk-free. We cover London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and the South East.