There are so many individual jobs that make up an office fit-out project, ranging from building works, air conditioning, lighting, flooring and furniture to name just a few.

This means that there are many specialist tradespeople that are required to deliver all these services. if you consider that for your home, your would normally get 3 quotes from a trades-person and how time consuming that task can be, with the initial search, looking up reviews, seeking references and then being around for when they are on the job, try multiplying that for 10 services. So that's a staggering 30 tradespeople to find, vet and select. Not a fun job, particularly when you've got your normal day to day routine to try and juggle around it.

For many small to medium sized businesses, conducting the project management for an office fit-out project just isn't feasible.

Fit-out and project management - one stop shop

As we do here at Trevor Blake, some office fit-out and refurbishment contractors offer a complete service which provides all the specialist services, such as building works, partitioning, mechanical and electrical, IT & Data etc, along with project management so that you have just one point of contact that is overseeing the site, ensuring materials are available when needed, coordinating tradespeople and so on.

There are still some other third parties which will need to be involved such as the Building Surveyor, as this is a very specialised area, where their role is to look at the structure of a building, similar to the role performed by a surveyor on a domestic property survey.

An established fit-out contractor will often have built up relationships with a number of suppliers, which will reduce materials costs and avoid you the added hassle and paperwork of sourcing materials.

The project manager plays a key role in overseeing the budget and providing evaluation reports on the budget throughout the process, sometimes requests crop up following the initial project briefing stage, which incur additional costs, but similarly other costs are omitted during the project. Therefore the evaluation reports are a useful tool for avoiding any surprises at the end.

Crucially there are site rules and health and safety requirements which must be adhered to at all times, the site supervisor will ensure that everyone is working safely and in accordance with the requirements.

A few tips when selecting an office fit-out contractor

  • Look for contractors with accreditations such as 'safe contractor approved' this way you know they've already been through a vetting process
  • Check out their portfolio of work
  • Always ask for references
  • Ask how they ensure the Health & Safety of their team

Good luck with your office fit-out project. If would like us to come along and give you a free consultation, give us a call on 01293 775509.