Capital One recently conducted a Work Environment Survey that gauged the thoughts of 3,500 full-time professionals in the US on office design.

It showed that flexibility and office design are significant factors when it comes to innovation, collaboration and productivity – all the elements that really make a business fly.

In our experience, this is the case for workers on this side of the pond too. Many of our most interesting projects where design is integral to the fit-out are for highly successful businesses.

Survey findings

79% of respondents (87% at an executive level) claimed office design goes hand-in-hand with innovation. Also, 76% said that workplace design and environment is as, or more, important as the office location. 

Office design desires 

The most desired office design elements were revealed as:

  • Natural light (57%)
  • Furniture and spaces that are easy to reconfigure (37%)
  • Artwork and creative imagery (30%)
  • Use of bold colours (25%)
  • Relaxation space (25%)

As well as revealing the importance of access to the latest technology (85%), a flexible schedule (73%) and health and wellness benefits, the survey also found flexibility in the workplace important. Specifically, 85% stated flexible workplace design as key and 83% claimed having their best ideas in flexible workspaces.

What the experts say

Stefanie Spurlin, Vice President, Workplace Solutions at Capital One, said: "Professionals today have high expectations for their experience in the workplace and what their employer provides for them. The results of the 2018 Work Environment Survey clearly demonstrate the importance of design and flexibility to professionals across the country. 

“By providing dynamic spaces to accommodate all kinds of work styles, companies can help facilitate the kind of collaboration and innovation that empowers employees to create breakthrough products and solutions for their customers."

Trevor Blake is all about encouraging workplace innovation, collaboration and productivity through excellent office design, refurbishment, fit-outs and furniture. For more than 20 years, we have been providing the very best workplace solutions at the very best prices for businesses and organisations throughout London, Surrey, Sussex and the South East. 

Ian Poupart of Trevor Blake, says: “Whether it’s the refurbishment of a customer service centre or the office design and fit out of a travel services company, our projects reveal that spaces where creative thought and innovation are encouraged play a key part in a productive workplace time and again. 

“Just take the four zone suite we created for Saga – comprising a customer innovation area, a brainstorming meeting room and an informal discussion area. This has become central to Saga clients playing an active role in how their holidays are promoted through Saga, improving business for our clients and their clients.”

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