Property insurance reinstatement & commercial damage restoration works is when a property has been damaged due to escaped water, flooding, fire or storm damage & impact damage where in order to restore it to its original state, project reinstatement works are required.

Reinstatement works can also be utilised for when a commercial property tenancy is coming to an end and reinstatement works are carried out to fulfil the contractual obligation of making good. You can view more on dilapidation works here.

Damage reinstatement projects can be used also if something is lost or destroyed and a replacement is then therefore required. Sometimes with reinstatement works further damage can be found and a cash settlement can be an option versus reinstatement.

Cash Settlement Vs Reinstatement Works

A cash settlement is where a policy holder can be offered a lump sum, whereas reinstatement works will restore a property to its original condition.

Reinstatements Works

Also known as rebuild costs, value, building sum and reinstatement value insurance of your property. With reinstatement works your insurance provider can aid the coordination of restoration to your property. This is seen as adding further protection should anything go wrong or if there’s an issue that needs to be challenged.

Reinstatement experts and project management professionals with expertise within the field can identify what needs to be repaired, restored or put back to its pre-loss condition. Having the right people on hand ensures that all works are completed to the right standard and protects your workspace/building/property and its value.

Reinstatement works can cover a range of damage and loss such as:

  • Fire Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Escape of Water
  • Storm Damage
  • And Impact Damage.

Damage can be caused in any number of ways and leading causes can be through: fires, burst pipes and from natural disaster damage like from floods or storms.

Reinstatement Costs

This is the cost required for building insurance applications and is what your property is insured for in case of total loss. It usually includes:

  • The Clearing of a Site
  • Materials & Labour fees
  • And Professional Fees.

It does not act as a valuation of your property and is not the same as the property/building valuation. They act as an accurate reconstruction of your property not to be confused with market value which is what the property is worth as a finished product.

Reinstatement & Replacement

If there is loss or a destroyed property then this can mean a replacement of something similar.

What are Full Reinstatement Costs?

The use of the term is what the total cost would be to wholly rebuild your property should it be destroyed or lost due to a fire or flood. This covers the cost of materials & labour.

How is Reinstatement Value Calculated?

The cost valuation for a property that is totally destroyed would include things such as: the cost of demolition, site clearance, fees from all project reinstatement parties and the rebuilding of the property to the same standard as before.

Usually once the reinstatement valuation is in place it becomes the declared value of the property. Which is the cost for the insurers for a total loss claim to reconstruct the building. Ensuring you have the correct cover for your property/building is vital.


What is ‘New for Old’ Reinstatement?

This is essentially a like for like replacement of how an item was before the damage or loss. This places you back to the same financial positions as before and allows for wear & tear.

Reinstatement Work Providers

As a professional & commercial office fit out company & office refurbishment design build contractor partner we offer over 2 decades of expertise within the building & construction sphere and work closely with our partners to provide safe, legal & successful project outcomes. Working closely with all parties we project manage as a design build contractor & interior design fit out specialist from start to finish and work forwards with the approved brief in place, communicating solutions and planning for the best outcomes for everyone involved.

Our reinstatement project works consider commercial insurance damage rectification works, either, working directly with your insurance provider or direct with the claimant themselves, when you’ve been asked to seek out a reputable contractor for your project works.

Repairs/restorations and reinstatement works include but are not limited to: Damage rectification, property insurance claim repairs, commercial insurance claim repairs, water damage claim repairs, water damage restoration, planned maintenance, property/workspace repairs and property renovations/refurbishments.

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